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Surrender Form
Are you the legal owner of this animal?
Can anyone else claim ownership ( ex-spouse, parent, child)?
Up to date on vaccinations?
Up to date on flea/tick preventatives?
Up to date on heartworm preventatives?
Surrendering a Litter of:
Have you surrendered a pet in the past?
Does this animal have a bite record?
Does your animal have "prey drive" or ever attacked another animal?
Check all that apply. Does your animal co-exist with:
Check all that apply:
Upload File
I acknowledge that I have read,undestand, and agree to the followig statments:

Thank You. We'll get back to you soon.


Paws+Claws may be able accept owner surrenders of dogs and cats based on shelter capacity. Due to liability and safety concerns for our staff, volunteers, the community and other pets we are unable to take-in pets that are human and dog aggressive or have a bite record. 


We request that owners fill out the surrender form below. After you have completed this form, please email the form along with a picture of your pet to After your form is received a Paws+Claws team member will reach out to you.

Paws+Claws does not charge a surrender fee but we do ask for a donation to help support the care of the animal. Thank you.

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