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About six months ago, Gunner found his perfect person and was adopted from Paws+Claws! Gunner adjusted well to an on-the-go lifestyle and two furry brothers, Ace and Kitty. Just a couple weeks ago, another (less fluffy) brother was added to the pack! He loves his forever family, and they love him more.💕

Gunner 3.jpg


We loved and adored our 15 year old Maltese, Chai. When he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we never thought our hearts would heal. The pain in the loss was so great, our missing so deep. After several months, 3 of our beloved family and friends reached out to us on the SAME DAY, with a photo of a new Rescue at Paws and Claws. We thought she was ‘cute’, but in no way did we think our hearts were ready or open. We agreed to go meet her to really prove we weren’t ready and that she wouldn’t be a fit. ONE meeting, friends. ONE hour. I KNEW she was to be ours. My husband, the same! Memorial Day is the day that marks our new baby! WE love her in so many ways! She is PERFECT for us, and also for our geriatric cat! Best friends! The heart healer! Thank you for our Lucy JOY! Our lives and hearts are so full!!!

LJ 4.jpg


Brown Bear's new home came with a new name. Hoss has completed our family. He loves playing with his new little humans and all the kitty and puppy friends he's made. He has become a huge cuddle buddy and a perfect companion for his veteran owner and is well on his way to becoming a service dog!

Hoss 2.JPG


I adopted Diesel from you a few months ago. He is now called D'Argo and he always is with me. Yesterday I sat in the hammock and he jumped right in with me. Thank you so much for giving me a best friend.



We are doing AWESOME! We celebrated Harper's 1 year "gotcha day" on January 26th! We have been best mates since the day we met at Paws+Claws. She is my #1... The best friend a girl could ask for. She's always up for a road trip, has adjusted to staying in hotels when I travel for work (she greets EVERYONE she meets with a smile!) and loves having play dates and sleep overs with her sister Nixie, her brothers Ryder and Jep, and her best pals buddy, Mo, and Chunky. (Mo and Chunky are cats! Can you believe it?!?) She also enjoys working livestock on the ranch. She is a natural for sure. Harper is a very happy, healthy,and VERY loved little lady. I can't thank you enough for helping us find each other that terribly cold Saturday evening last January. Everyday since has been a blessing. Keep doing what you guys do best. We are forever grateful.❤

Harper 4.jpg
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