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Paws+Claws Rescue & Resort is once again allowing guests with scheduled appointments to enter the building to view adoptable pets. Please give us a call at 218-675-7297 to set up an appointment.

Step 1: Find a dog or cat that you fall in love with.

Step 2: Make sure your home is a good fit for the pet and be aware of everything that goes into being a 'pet parent'. Be prepared to take on this new life in your home!

Step 3: Fill out our Adoption Questionnaire (included below).

Step 4: Paws+Claws staff will look over the completed Adoption Questionnaire and call your included references.

Step 5: If everything checks out and Paws+Claws is satisfied with the response, we will have you complete an Adoption Contract.

Step 6: Go over your new pet's medical records.

Step 7: Take your adoption photo!

Step 8: Take your new furry friend home!


If you see a pet on our website or Facebook page that you fall in love with, but you are unable to come in right away to meet them, please call Paws+Claws for more information about the pet. If they sound like the perfect animal to complete your family, you can submit an Adoption Hold which will last for 48 hours. This non-refundable hold of $25 will apply towards your adoption fee. If you are serious about adopting a pet, this hold will ensure that no one else will be able to come in and adopt it before you have the chance.


A completed form does not guarantee adoption approval. Thank you for understanding.


Paws+Claws Rescue & Resort reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Thank you for saving the life of a shelter pet!

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